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DarkSail creates security products that leverage the JA4+ fingerprinting methods, JA4+ Database, and AI to safeguard networks at the application layer in real time.

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JA4+ Fingerprinting

JA4+ is a suite of industry-standard network fingerprinting methods that enable the specific identification of all traffic on a network. The telemetry that feeds these methods is collected passively, in real time, using metadata found in the messages sent between clients and servers.

To learn more about JA4+, read the JA4+ announcement blog post.

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JA4+ Database

The JA4+ Database is a community-maintained repository of JA4+ fingerprints sourced from networks across the Internet.

DarkSail's products analyze both fingerprints their users create and those in the JA4+ Database to protect networks from known threats and identify new ones.

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DarkSail's products utilize proprietary AI models informed by our implementations of the JA4+ methods and the JA4+ Database to minimize false positives and catch attackers, every time.

Our products empower your organization to accurately identify and immediately respond to cyber threats, protecting you and your customers from session hijacking, malware, bot traffic, and other malicious activity.